Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Clarity Protocol?

Clarity Protocol is a decentralized tool for the Web 3.0 economy. It allows dApps and their users to have more control over what types of participants are welcome in their communities, which creates a safer and more productive environment for productivity and growth. The aim is to provide a data-oriented and democratic marketplace with the help of Data Providers, Data Consumers, and Data Reporters, that links entities that can provide data to those that require data to manage their communities effectively.

Who are the Data Providers?

Data Providers can be blockchain analytics firms, information providers, or anyone who has knowledge about certain on-chain activity and can commit to providing this data on a regular basis. This could include public agencies, blockchain analytics firms, and other crypto industry entities.

How does my firm become a Data Provider?

Clarity is currently in the closed alpha stage please contact info@clarity-protocol for more details on how to participate.

Who are Data Consumers?

Clarity is designed to interface with any smart contract from a supported network that requires risk data and has CLRTY tokens. More smart contract-enabled blockchains will be supported soon.

How can I become a Data Consumer?

Clarity is currently in the closed alpha stage, please contact info@clarity-protocol for details on how to participate.

Who are Data Reporters?

Data Reporters are participants of Web3 who want to report on-chain information on a casual basis. This could include those who have been directly harmed by hacks or scams or hobbyist analysts responding to events in real-time. This category allows Clarity to crowdsource data from all users within the decentralized economy, allowing for democratic data collation.

How can I become a Data Reporter?

This feature is currently in its development phase, please follow us on Twitter and Join our Discord for updates.

Why should I implement Clarity to my dApp?

Clarity helps any smart contract-based project or community that has a need to manage what kind of user can access their protocol, in order to attract more capital or reduce the risk for core teams, DAO members, and users, without compromising on its decentralized status.

How can I try the Clarity Protocol?

Clarity Protocol is currently in the closed alpha stage. Please contact info@clarity-protocol or contact us on our Discord to request access.

Which blockchain is Clarity Protocol on?

Clarity is designed to be multichain, the first chain supported will be Ethereum, but more will be added over time.

What are the benefits for Data Providers?

Clarity allows entities to further monetize their data by selling to the decentralized economy that can not use its existing centralized API.

What are the benefits for Data Consumers?

Protocol participants can be checked to ensure their on-chain behavior is appropriate and reflects the values of the community.

What are the benefits for Data Reporters?

They can sell their data into a marketplace of applications that in turn benefits the decentralized economy and makes it a better place for all participants.

Why use a decentralized protocol?

With a decentralized protocol, multiple sources for data consumers don’t require centralization around any one technology or provider, and data providers can have full control over their data.

Is the data that is provided secured?

Data providers have the option to secure the data they provide at three different levels, open, restricted, and private. More details can be found in the whitepaper.

Is there a token for the protocol?

Participants require the CLRTY token for the operation of nodes, to ensure data quality, and for transactions on the network. Full token details will be available soon.