Decentralized risk management for the next–gen economy

Clarity Protocol offers a multichain, accessible, and decentralized protocol that supports democratic risk management and due diligence for the tokenized economy

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A growing decentralized economy with little structure in place

The decentralized economy keeps growing, with $USD billions worth of transactions being settled daily on a rapidly growing number of decentralized applications built on an expanding number of smart contract blockchains.

A key strength is the open, permissionless, and borderless nature of dApps, but there are many instances where participants’ actions have damaged or hurt the community.

Clarity Protocol addresses this problem by bringing blockchain analytics data to decentralized applications. This allows communities to define and enforce appropriate behaviors for participants without reliance on centralized gatekeepers.

Risk management is the biggest pain point for the decentralized economy

There are limited anti-money laundering checks in DeFi and NFTs

Participants have little protection from hackers or other bad actors

Institutional capital cannot participate without centralized gatekeepers

DAOs have no tools to help decide which participants they want to include

How will Clarity increase participation and reduce risk for protocol communities?

Decentralized and public compliance-related data for DApps

Configurable entities to allow communities to customize risk profiles

Decision oracles provide executable summaries

Identify bad actor activity (eg. exploits, hacks, undesirable behavior)

Protocol / smart contract rating systems

Crowdsourced data that is cleaned and verified

Who will use Clarity Protocol and how will they use it?

Data Reporters

Non-expert data provider of analytics data. A lower trust than data providers but a larger number available enabling a greater degree of decentralization

Decision Oracles

Convert raw datasets into actionable decisions making it easier for consumers to govern their communities

Data Consumers

DApp requiring blockchain analytic data for community

Data Providers

Expert data provider approved by the governing Clarity DAO

How will the CLRTY token work within the ecosystem?

CLRTY tokens will be required for payments between data consumers and data providers. Furthermore, CLRTY will ensure data providers maintain accuracy, settle disputes, and ensure that the data chain is maintained, updated, and always available.